Hm, I'm skeptical of the socializing features of this. I don't think, in casual situations such as on a bus or during class, that people want to video chat or voice chat. Most prefer to text, how good will the psp2 be at texting? Compared to the iphone and such? » 1/27/11 2:42am 1/27/11 2:42am

I think the concept of mini-computers in any wearable fashion is idiotic at this point. By the time we're able to make computers that size that are capable of anything useful at a reasonable price, we have laptops and desktops at least 20 times more powerful that can do way more amazing things. » 9/21/09 7:03pm 9/21/09 7:03pm

I like it, it's like a high end ipod nano without the camera. Though they seriously can't make it equal in price to the ipod touch and expect good sales. They need to make it at least $50 cheaper than every version of the ipod touch and it might be a good deal. » 9/16/09 6:48pm 9/16/09 6:48pm

Ugh, what do you do with such an evil man? I mean when a murderer gets the death penalty there is a sense of closure for the family of the victim. But when someone kidnaps a child and forces them to be their sex slave. There really isn't anything that will bring closure to the family or the victim. If he gets the… » 8/29/09 12:53am 8/29/09 12:53am

I'm not sure about 480Hz. If 240Hz hasn't made a huge impact I don't think 480Hz will. On a side note note wow. 480Hz. Is a lot. Think about it, when running a 24fps blu-ray, each frame will get refreshed 20 times =\ And even with 60Hz, each frame will get refreshed 8 times. » 8/24/09 11:42am 8/24/09 11:42am

I think that's a great analogy. Although the PS3 may be capable of greater speeds. The average driver (dev) has an easier time driving the 360 faster than it does with the PS3. But those that spend a lot of time getting use to the PS3 can push it and truly show what it can do. » 8/20/09 12:10pm 8/20/09 12:10pm